Is There Uber In Jacksonville?

If you live in Jacksonville and are thinking about driving for Uber, but not sure if that’s a possibility, we answer your questions.


How to Uber From Newark Airport

We walk you through what you need to do and where you need to go to get an Uber when you arrive at Newark Airport.

Uber Pass vs Uber Eats Pass

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Uber Pass vs Uber Eats Pass

We take a look at the two Uber pass subscriptions options – the Uber Eats Pass and the regular Uber Pass – which one is right for you?

Uber Rush


What Was Uber Rush? [2021 update]

Uber Rush was another one of Uber’s attempts to branch out. We delve into what it was and how it ended.



What is UberListen? [2021 update]

You may have gotten a ride request recently that was listed as “UberListen”. Many drivers get these requests and assume they’re for deaf drivers who don’t want to listen to the passenger, or for deaf passengers who can’t hear the driver, and refuse them.

Uber Lyft Questions And Answers

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