What is UberListen? (2022 Update)

You may have gotten a ride request recently that was listed as “UberListen”. Many drivers get these requests and assume they’re for deaf drivers who don’t want to listen to the passenger, or for deaf passengers who can’t hear the driver, and refuse them.

But that’s not what it is.

UberListen is where an Uber employee is the passenger. They spend the ride asking you about your experience as an Uber driver, gathering feedback and suggestions from you, and answering any questions you may have. In addition to getting a fare for it, they give out Uber swag, like tshirts, stickers and pens.

Uber Listen is paid at the normal Uber rate, and from what people are saying online, the riders typically leave a good tip.

Here’s an example of an UberListen request.

UberListen Request

Here’s an example of an UberListen fare.

UberListen Fare

Will I get a bad rating from an UberListen ride?

All signs point to every UberListen ride being a guaranteed five star review.

Can I be honest with my complaints?

Definitely, yes. The rider wants your feedback.

Can I leave the rider a bad rating? Will I get in trouble?

Nope! You are free to rate the rider however you want. Typically these are done with the employee’s personal accounts, so you will often find they already have a fairly average rating.

Got any more questions about Uber Listen? Leave a comment and I’ll get you an answer.

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