Can Uber pick up at MCO Orlando International Airport? (2022 Update)

With the extravagant rate of parking at MOC Orlando International airport these days, it’s no wonder we are all looking for alternative ways to travel to and from the airport without taking our own cars!

Whether you are planning a holiday in the lovely summer state of Florida, or you’re a Floridian looking to get away for a bit, you may be wondering can uber pick you up at MCO Orlando International Airport?

And the answer is yes! MCO is one of many airports across the country and the world that enables rideshare drivers such as Uber to pick up and drop off airline passengers.

How To Order An Uber At MCO Orlando International Airport

Uber is well known for being a rideshare app where customers can pick up their phone and order a ride right then and there. But it is also a little known fact that you can actually order an Uber in advance! Uber takes booking up to 30 days out from your requested ride, making holiday planning a breeze.

If you prefer to go with the flow and want your trip to be more flexible you can order an Uber exactly when you need it. Airports are hotspots for those needing an Uber ride so 99% of the time you will barely have to wait a couple of minutes from ordering to be in a car on your way.

When ordering a Uber from MCO follow these 3 very simple steps:

  1. Request an Uber on the Uber app when you are ready to exit the airport and have all your belonging and travelling companions ready to go
  2. Exit the terminal on the arrivals level and look for the sign marked “rideshare pick-up”
  3. Wait for your driver at the curb in this area

It’s that easy!

Where Do Ubers Pick Up and Drop Off At MCO?

Rideshares are so popular now that many airports have designated pick up and drop off zones especially for them. When you arrive at MCO the rideshare zones will be clearly marked near the other ground transportation.

Here’s a quick outline of all the rideshare pick up and drop off zones at MCO

Terminal A

  • Arrivals
    • Baggage Claim 1
    • Baggage Clain 14
  • Departures
    • Southwest Airlines
    • JetBlue Airlines

Terminal B

  • Arrivals
    • Baggage Claim 20
    • Baggage Claim 32
  • Departures
    • Delta Air Lines
    • Spirit Airlines

These areas for drop-offs only operate between the time frame of 9 am – 2 pm as this is when the airport is most busy. Outside these areas you can be dropped off at any point in the drop off lane, signal to your driver what airline you are travelling on to get as close to your departure gate as possible.

Uber Driver Rules At Airports

Due to the chaos of airports, many will set regulations for rideshare drivers such as those from Uber to make the experience efficient and comfortable for all customers.

Some of these include:

  • They must display the Uber decal on the front passenger side of the windshield so it is clearly visible.
  • They must book all rides on the Uber app and not solicit rides without it.
  • They must adhere to all instructions from airport staff and security
  • They must have the Uber app open at all times on the airlines property

.If you experience an Uber driver working the airport not adhering to these rules, be sure to report them via the Uber app and to airport security.

Tips For Using Uber At MCO

Uber is an awesome app for reliable transport to the airport and saves you from having to rely on others to make your flight on time. Here’s some of our best tips to ensure you get the bets experience with Uber at MCO:

  • Have enough space for your luggage – if you have a lot of passengers and or luggage make sure you book an Uber that has enough space for all people and their bags
  • Use your Uber app in the signposted areas. These are easily visible for you to access and make your Uber pick up a lot easier for everyone!
  • If you book an Uber to get to the airport in advance, provide your flight number so your driver can keep up to date if your flight time changes
  • Give yourself extra time getting to the airport – check the ETA for your Uber well in advance and take into account any other factors such as the traffic that may affect timings.
  • Always confirm your Uber driver – to stay safe at the airport you need to always confirm the car in front of you has a matching number plate to what is said on your Uber app.

Know you have all the information you need to use Uber at MCO and have a relaxed and simple trip!

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