Can I Carry Kids as an Uber Driver? What is UberFamily? (2023 Update)

As an Uber driver, you want to be always in full compliance of local and state laws. This includes knowing whether you can carry kids as an Uber driver.

Yes, you can indeed take on kids as passengers. However, there are several other components to this answer that you are going to want to keep in mind.

Let’s go over the basics. At the same time, we can also discuss Uber car seat policies, UberFamily, and more!

Requests From Underage Passengers

First, a word on whether you can carry kids who are unaccompanied.

You are not permitted to drive any passengers unaccompanied who are under 18 years of age. Anyone who is under eighteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult. If you are concerned about the age of your passenger, you can ask to see I.D.

Do not start a ride, if the passenger is indeed under 18.

Is Uber Kid-Friendly?

While very clear on the rules concerning underage riders, Uber still offers a number of measures through their drivers to make the experience kid-friendly. Over the course of the company’s existence, they have strived to be an ideal vacation transportation option for the whole family.

For example, the variety of different sized vehicles one can choose can make it easy to find something suitable for the size of a family. An Uber XL can be a good choice for just about any sized group.

Some drivers even offer amenities and entertainment options for smaller passengers. This is entirely the choice of the driver, of course.

What About Uber’s Policy On Car Seats?

While Uber does not have an overt national policy on car seats, they do expect their drivers to follow the local laws relevant to where they live.

Unless a rider has requested a car seat, you should expect them to provide their own. If they do not, you are well within your rights to refuse to drive them.

You should also find out how Uber is even regarded in your area. Some regions consider Uber to be a taxi service. Others consider Uber to be more along the lines of a private car company. While it may not sound like there is much of a difference between these concepts, the distinction is nonetheless very important to keep in mind.

Should I Just Bring My Own Car Seat?

Some people find it preferrable to simply bring and install their own car seat. Most Uber drivers do not mind this. It is a good idea to be patient, as, unlike a taxi service, you will be rated afterwards.

Unless they have ordered a car seat or made their booking via UberFamily (more on that shortly), you should not consider yourself responsible for installation of the car seat. In most situations, the parent or guardian will want to do this part on their own.

Now, let’s talk about riders who ask for specific or special services related to bringing the kids along. This is where you’re going to want to learn more about UberX Car Seat. The service is known in some circles as Uber Family or UberFamily. Just remember that for any of those terms, you’re talking about the same thing.

What Is UberFamily?

Introduced a few years ago, UberFamily, also known as UberX Car Seat, represents the company making a serious effort to be as friendly as possible for small children and traveling families.

By choosing UberFamily, you the driver will be expected to provide a front-facing car seat. This car seat should be appropriate for children ages two and up. You are also going to be the one who is expected to handle installing the car seat safely and correctly. You will be able to familiarize yourself with everything expected of a driver offering UberFamily.

You should also keep in mind the following about UberFamily:

  • An IMMI Go car seat must be provided.
  • The car seat must be front-facing at all times. This is almost universally regarded as the safest way for children to travel.
  • The car seat will be able to fit kids between 31 and 52 inches. The weight of the child can be anywhere between twenty-two and forty-eight pounds.

To reiterate an earlier point: Please be crystal clear on car seat rules and regulations for your area. Make sure you are in full compliance before accepting ride requests.

Conclusion: Ride-Sharing For The Whole Family

To summarize: Yes, you can carry kids as an Uber driver. At the same time, don’t forget that you are not permitted to give underage children rides. They must be accompanied by an adult.

If the child is young enough, you may or may not want to offer a car seat. If the rider does not request such a service, then you probably won’t need to worry about it.

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