Does Uber Charge Per Person? (2022 Update)

When you are considering taking an Uber with more than one person, you’re probably wondering if each additional person is charged or if it is one flat fee. Uber has a pretty tricky price structure, and it can be difficult to understand.

The short answer is that Uber does not charge per person. They calculate their fares in a way that doesn’t rely on the number of people in the ride, but more on the distance and amount of time your group spends in the vehicle. 

If Uber doesn’t charge per person, how do they calculate their rates? Let’s take a closer look at Uber’s pricing structure to understand why they don’t charge per person and how they charge instead.

Uber Pricing

When you see that Uber doesn’t charge per person, you might still be skeptical and have some questions. It is better to lay out exactly how Uber does determine their pricing to make you more comfortable with using their services.

Base Rate

The base rate of an Uber ride is for the car to pick you up. This price will be different in different cities. This price will also vary depending on whether or not there is a minimum fare. A minimum fare is the bare minimum you will pay for your ride, even if you only go one mile.

Type of Ride

There are several different types of Uber rides that you can choose from that will impact the price. UberX is the basic ride that will provide you with a simple car and will usually be the cheapest option.

Next is UberSELECT, which is a tiny bit fancier than UberX. It won’t provide you with a luxury car, but you will get a nicer car than you will with UberX.

UberBLACK is the top-of-the-line black car service. These cars will all have black exteriors and black leather seats. Drivers for UberBLACK are professionals that are used to driving for high-end clients.

Time and Distance

Uber also charges for the amount of time you spend in the car. The clock starts from the minute the driver picks you up to the time you get out of their car. In addition to the time you spend in the car, Uber also takes the distance of your ride into consideration.

Surge Pricing

There are some instances where Uber might charge a surge price. This will happen when the demand for a ride is higher than the number of drivers currently available. This can range from 1.25 times the regular base rate to 4 times. 

Tipping and Booking Fee

The booking fee will usually be a flat fee that helps cover some of Uber’s operating costs such as background checking their drivers. The tip will vary depending on how your ride goes and the total cost of your ride. The recommended tip is about 10% to 20% of your fare.

When Does Number of Passengers Matter?

While Uber doesn’t charge per person, there will be some instances when the number of passengers does impact the price. This will usually be when you have a larger group of people, or you share your ride with other passengers. 

UberXL provides you with a larger SUV or a van that can hold up to six people. UberSUV is the larger capacity version of UberBLACK and provides you with a luxury all-black SUV that can carry six people.

There is also an option called UberPOOL. This is a cheaper option that lets you share the fare of your ride with other passengers. This will potentially make your ride longer, but the price of the fare gets split between the number of passengers. This is the only time that the number of passengers determines the price.

Can You Check the Price of Your Ride First?

Uber prides themselves on how they provide upfront pricing. They started doing this to avoid any issues where their clients felt like they were charged too much money after their ride. When you download the Uber app, you can get an estimate for different types of rides available in your area.

The price should account for things such as traffic delays and route detours, but there might be some instances where you have to be in the car longer than originally anticipated, which can cause a higher price at the end.


Uber pricing can be really tricky to understand, and you will probably wonder whether or not they charge per person. You will be happy to know that Uber charges based on the ride, not the number of people in your party. 

The price will vary based on the type of ride you choose, but you will be able to see the price before you even get into the car. This is because Uber charges based on the distance and time spent in the car, not the people that are in the ride.