Can I Put My Bike In An Uber? How To Uber With A Bike (2023 Update)

Bikes are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation. Many cities are even making bike lanes a priority to promote bike use and safety. However, you can only go so far on a bike. Sometimes, you may need to mix your modes of transportation to get where you need to go. This may include an Uber, but can you transport your bike with you using an Uber?


Am I Allowed To Bring A Bike Into An Uber?

There are no rules against bringing your bike with you in an Uber. Consequently, there are no rules allowing it, either. The onus is on the driver to decide whether or not to allow you to bring your bike with you. It’s vital to communicate clearly and effectively with your driver before they show up, only to deny you service because of your bike. 

What If I Have An Emergency?

Even though bikes are a cheaper and more environmentally friendly transportation method, they don’t come without drawbacks. There are a number of ways your bike could break down during your commute. A chain could snap or your tire could go flat, making it impossible to use.

Bikes also become less safe at nighttime where visibility is reduced. The same can be said for an especially rainy day. They also aren’t safe to operate when under the influence. 

Sometimes, you may just have overexerted yourself after a hectic day, and don’t feel like you could safely navigate your way home on a bike. They take a lot of energy to operate, and doing so while you’re fatigued or especially tired isn’t safe. 

Because of these reasons, you may find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to call an Uber because you aren’t able to use your bike. Leaving your bike where it is most likely isn’t a safe option, so you’re going to have to take it with you. 

How Can I Convince A Driver To Let Me Bring My Bike With Me?

Thankfully, there are some tips to help make this process as smooth as possible. As mentioned, communication is key. After you request a ride, immediately contact your Uber driver and let them know you want to bring a bike with you. That way, they can quickly determine whether or not they can accommodate you. 

Being quick to contact your driver to let them know about your bike beforehand also saves you from incurring potential fees from having the driver cancel your ride. It also lets them have the opportunity to move on to another customer quicker, thus saving them from time wasted on an incomplete trip. 

If you are upfront with your driver about how you need to travel with your bike and have no other option, they may be more understanding. Regardless of your reasoning, if you are polite, courteous, and ask respectfully, a driver may be more inclined to help you out. 

Can Ubers Even Accommodate A Bike?

You may also want to consider requesting a specialty car, like an Uber XL, although that will come at more of a cost to you. When you go to request a ride, it’s simple to select which type of Uber service you want. Uber XLs tend to be larger vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs, or vans, so they’ll have the room for a bike.

That being said, it’s still essential to ask the driver before assuming they can handle it. They may not be able to just open the trunk or put down some seats just because their vehicle is big.

What Else Should I Do Before Bringing My Bike Into An Uber?

If you know you are going to need an Uber to transport you and your bike, you want to clean it thoroughly before loading it into someone else’s car. It’s disrespectful to add unnecessary damage to someone’s car by letting dirt and debris fall off your bike into their car. Furthermore, the driver will have to be the one to clean up the mess you leave.

If possible, having some sort of blanket you can throw in a backpack after, or even a protective bike bag would be reassuring to your driver. This way, they’ll know that packing a bike into their car isn’t going to lead to damage to their car. Be sure that you let the driver know before they arrive that you have protective measures in place.

You might also have to consider taking apart portions of the bike to safely fit it into a car. Taking off wheels, the seat, or water bottle attachments isn’t difficult, but could make a difference for how well it loads into a vehicle. 

Kindness will go a long way if you find yourself in a situation where you need to Uber with your bike. Respect the fact that an Uber driver can choose whether or not to accommodate you, and be thankful if they choose to. Showing Uber drivers courtesy by asking, and by taking measures to avoid damaging their car are surefire ways to have more success Ubering with a bike.