Newark Airport Uber Guide (2022 Update) EWR Pickup Point, Rates and More

Newark Airport, also called Newark Liberty International Airport, is a very large airport in New Jersey. It’s not far from Manhattan, in case you’re looking to travel into the Big Apple after arriving at the airport. Regardless of your final destination, chances are, you’re going to need a ride. Renting a car can be expensive, and so Uber is one of the most affordable options.

New York is one state almost everyone wants to visit at least once. There are so many things to do and so many cities to explore. If you’re on your way to New York, one airport you can fly into is Newark Airport. While it’s in a different state, it’s easy to take an Uber into so many tourist destinations from Newark Airport that it’s worth flying into.


Where To Catch Your Uber In Newark Airport

Thankfully, there is a designated area outside of the airport where you can easily locate your Uber. Once you’ve gathered your luggage and passed through security, you’ll go towards the Ground Transportation and Passenger Pick-Up area. From this specific zone, you can order your Uber as you usually would and you’re set.

The Ground Transportation And Passenger Pick-Up Area

There will be ample signage within the airport to guide you to the Ground Transportation And Passenger Pick-Up area. You want to ensure you get there and are waiting at this zone before calling your Uber. That way, you don’t run the chance of your Uber waiting too long for you, as they might end up leaving if it takes too long for you to get outside.

Give your Uber driver as much information as possible about where exactly you’ve exited to avoid you both having to search for each other. Once you’ve ordered your Uber, you can send your driver a quick message. Let them know what door you left from, and advise them you’re waiting outside.

There are also cabs that are typically waiting in this pick-up area. Regardless of when you’re traveling, you will probably see at least one waiting for a fare. However, an Uber is most likely more affordable than choosing a cab.

Some Tips For Ordering An Uber At The Airport

If you aren’t traveling alone, or have a lot of luggage, keep that in mind before ordering your Uber. Thankfully, Uber allows you to order specific sizes of cars to accommodate you and/or your party. There can be more of a cost associated with ordering an Uber XL. but rest assured you can fit everything or everyone into one vehicle instead of having to schedule multiple rides.

Because various rideshare drivers will be arriving at this designated zone, look for an Uber decal on their windshield or somewhere on their car to confirm they indeed work for the service. They are required to have this. Similarly, you also want to verify their license plate matches with the one on your phone. Getting into the wrong Uber can be frustrating to rectify.

Why Fly Into Newark Airport?

New Jersey, of course, is a very popular tourist destination. There are so many places to go and sights to see. However, many might opt to fly into Newark Airport if they are looking to visit New York, and for good reason.

Newark Airport is a fairly short Uber ride to Manhattan. It’s a little bit farther to New York City; you’d be looking at about an hour in an Uber, which of course, can get quite pricey. However, the small detour can ease a lot of the stress involved with flying into JFK.

Why An Uber Is A Better Choice

There are more affordable ways to travel to and from Newark Airport. There are shuttle bus services that can take you to your destination. However, these can be congested, and there can also be long wait times.

While an Uber can be a little more expensive, it is a much more convenient option to have more control over when you travel and who you travel with. Furthermore, it’s much more affordable than renting a car or paying for parking.

Final Thoughts On Uber At Newark Airport

Newark Airport, while smaller than some major airports in the United States, is still a high traffic area. Once you get into New York, many of the popular areas for tourism are also filled with heavy traffic. Your Uber driver will be used to navigating these areas, and so you can feel safe relying on them to travel around.

Even for a seasoned Uber driver, driving through an airport can be a stressful experience. Be sure to give clear instructions to your Uber driver, and don’t keep them waiting too long for you in such a busy area. That’ll ensure your trip to or from Newark Airport will be a breeze, and you can start enjoying your vacation.

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