How To Get Uber From Atlanta Airport (2022 Update)

Transportation from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is simple. Just order an Uber. 

Uber is a reliable way to travel because you can order your ride in advance or request it on demand. This timely car delivery service allows you to order cars of all sizes to accommodate you and your traveling partners. Drivers take you anywhere you need to go around Georgia.

This article will discuss how to get an Uber from the Atlanta airport, which is the best mode of transportation from the airport.

How to Uber from Atlanta International Airport

Ubering from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is as easy.

Have your baggage ready before calling an Uber, or book your ride in advance wisely. There are no designated rideshare areas at Atlanta International Airport, which means you can meet your Uber by the curbside.

Step 1: Schedule your ride

The first step to getting your Uber from Atlanta airport is ordering the Uber. You may call an Uber in advance. Or, you can wait to order the ride until you are at the airport with your bags in hand. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Ordering an Uber in advance is great because you may schedule your ride up to thirty days in advance. However, pre-scheduling rides can be problematic because of potential time changes from flight time delays. Any missed rides will lead to cancellation charges. 

To avoid cancellation charges, call your Uber only once you are fully ready to leave the airport. Be sure that you and everyone you are with have grabbed all luggage from the carousel in baggage claim.

Step 2: Go to the passenger pickup area

There is no area designated for Uber drivers. Go to the passenger pickup area and meet your driver curbside.

Sending a message or calling your driver to give them information on your location can help them find you quicker. Tell them the terminal number or another visual identifier.

Does Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport allow Uber?

For an additional “Airport Fee” of $3.85, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport allows patrons to Uber from the airport. This airport fee allows flyers to use Uber similarly to how they would use other cars.

How long does it take for an Uber to arrive at Atlanta Airport?

Several variables impact how long it takes Uber drivers to arrive at Atlanta airport. If you schedule your ride accordingly, you can coordinate a ride with no downtime at all.

Variables that can impact how long it takes for Ubers to arrive at ATL airport include:

  • The time of day
  • The size or type of vehicle you are requesting 
  • The number of vehicles you are requesting
  • The number of active Uber drivers in the area
  • Traffic in the area
  • People crowding the pickup area
  • The number of people requesting rides
  • The distance you are requesting to go

Many variables impact the time your Uber will arrive. Uber drivers can arrive in as short as one minute. Or, they may take as long as an hour, depending on the request you are placing.

To guarantee neither of you wastes any time, be prepared. Pay attention to your driver’s location, be at the curbside, and have your bags ready so you can hop in the car and get going!

Is Uber affordable?

Uber is an affordable option for traveling from Atlanta International Airport to downtown Atlanta. This ride delivery service caters to your need and reduces the costs of your standard car service by one-third!

Traditional cabs will cost around $30 to travel from Atlanta International Airport to downtown Atlanta. The ride service, Uber, costs only $20, much less than traditional yellow cabs. Furthermore, Uber offers constant deals, especially for frequent travelers.

Ordering a large vehicle or premium ride will increase the price of your Uber ride. Upgraded vehicles can make riding in an Uber more costly than taking a yellow cab.


Getting an Uber from Atlanta airport is easy. You can even schedule these rides in advance around your flight. Or, you can order your ride whenever you are at the airport and ready to go. Use your application to place the ride and wait at the curbside for your Uber driver to arrive. If possible, provide your driver with clear information about your location, such as a terminal number.

Keep in mind when ordering your ride from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, it can take up to thirty minutes for your Uber to arrive. Depending on traffic, the time of day, and many other things, the time it takes will increase. 

Knowing how to get Ubers from Atlanta Airport is important if you plan to travel anywhere in the Georgia area from this popular international airport. Uber is a more private mode of transportation that is quick, affordable, and spacious.

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