How much should I tip an Uber driver? (2023 Update)

If you were using taxis before you started using Uber like most of us, it’s only natural to wonder if you should tip. In many countries it is customary to tip the driver when they arrive quickly and get you from A to B by the best and fastest route. So, how much should you tip and Uber driver? Are there times when you shouldn’t tip?

In this article we’ll answer these questions and more. We’ll tell you if it’s customary (hint: in most cases it is), how much you should tip, when you shouldn’t tip, and how much of your tip money will actually go to the Uber driver.

Let’s take a closer look at the things that you need to know about tipping your Uber driver!

Is it customary to tip an Uber driver?

In most countries, tipping is customary in many situations. Your bartender, for instance, expects a tip for prompt and fast service. The same applies to the pizza guy. When he gets your pizza to you hot and fresh and in record time, a tip is generally expected and your pizza might not arrive so fast next time if you don’t give the driver one.

Taxi service is another industry where tipping is expected and as Uber falls into this category, tips are indeed welcome and encouraged. While the driver does make an hourly rate, tips are quite important ass they make up a large percentage of a driver’s take-home pay and help them to keep earning a living by giving you affordable rides through the convenience of your Uber app.

There are, however, scenarios where you shouldn’t tip, so let’s expand on the custom and give you some scenarios where you really should tip and where you really shouldn’t!

When and How much should I tip?

Now that we have established that tips are customary, this begs the question. When should I tip my Uber driver and how much should I tip them? As far as the ‘how much’, typically you tip 10% for ‘mildly good’ service but 15% to even 25% for exemplary service.

As far as ‘when you should tip’, below are some scenarios where you really should consider tipping your driver:

When you have a super-low passenger rating

Just as you can complain about drivers, drivers can complain about you and if you have a low passenger rating, you might have trouble getting rides. An Uber driver will see your rating and they get to decide if they want to pick you up.

So, if you’ve lost your temper a few times with previous drivers than tipping (if costly) way to get some good ratings to help balance that out and to ensure that you can get rides quickly when you need them.

If you are bringing along your beloved pet

While we love our pets, your Uber driver is taking a risk when they let you bring them along. If your pet has a ‘potty accident’ then this is going to affect their business, as they can’t pick people up until it’s taken care of.

Show that you appreciate being able to bring along your pet by tipping your driver, because they don’t have to allow animals if they don’t want to!

If your driver loads up your groceries or a lot of heavy luggage for you

If you’ve got a lot of heavy items to load and your Uber driver stores them quickly and neatly away for you, then you should really consider at least a small tip.

If the Uber vehicle is completely immaculate

If the vehicle is very clean and smells nice, this is definitely something that you should encourage. If you’ve ever ridden in a dirty Uber, you know that a super-clean one is definitely worth some tipping.

When your driver brightens your day

Some drivers have a lot of natural charm and they seem to know exactly what to say. When you get into the car and you’re having a bad day, but find yourself smiling when the time passes quickly in pleasant conversation then you should spread the good cheer with a nice tip for your driver.

If one of your passengers has been drinking

If you or some of your buddies have been drinking a lot then there is always a possibility of someone making a mess. Your driver was nice enough not to turn you away and believe us, they know how risky that is. Show your appreciation with a little extra cash and you might have a regular driver for the next time you go out.

Is it okay if I don’t tip my Uber driver?

If the service wasn’t good, you don’t have to tip. A rude or late driver is a good example and aside from not tipping, you can also report them on the app if you have a bad experience. The same applies when you know the area and they are taking the ‘long way’ to get you to your destination.

 Definitely tip for good service, but don’t encourage bad service with your tips.

Does my driver get to keep 100% of their tip?

Yes, your driver gets to keep all of the money that you tip them, so if you like the service then tipping is an excellent way to let your Uber driver know that they are appreciated.

In closing: 10% – 25% for good to excellent service and $0.00 for bad service

Today we’ve talked about tipping and what you need to know when it comes to tips and your Uber driver. If the service is good, you should definitely tip accordingly when you can, but don’t encourage any drivers who give you bad service.

Just use your best judgement and the tips that we’ve given you today and you’ll know when tipping is the right thing to do!

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