What does unacceptable lookback mean on Uber and Checkr? (2022 Update)

When applying to drive for Uber, you may find your background check comes back with Unacceptable Lookback. This can also happen when you renew your documents.

But what is an unacceptable lookback, and what does it mean for you?

Unacceptable Lookback means that Checkr, on behalf of Uber, have looked at your driving background and found something such as a DUI or getting a very large number of points on your licence. Based on this, they consider your driving history “unacceptable” and will not approve you to drive for Uber.

Uber has increasingly been taking lookbacks more seriously, as covered extensively in the media.

In fact at one stage Uber was turning down up to 10% of applicants based on their driving history.

More than 62,000 drivers passed, including some who drive for both companies. About 8,200 failed the checks, which are required under a 2016 state law officials have called the most stringent in the country.

Realistically Uber took a lot of flack for how they operate, so having safe drivers was of paramount concern, especially if they want to avoid any accidents.

Is there anything I can do about an incorrect lookback?

As always, your first point of call would be to contact Uber and explain that there has been a mistake in your background check. The burden of proof is then on Uber to show that it is you.

What is included in the Uber Background check?

The Uber background check is actually very far reaching and takes into account a huge number of factors.

In short, what Uber looks at breaks down into two categories – your driver history and your criminal history.

The factors for driving history are:

  • Minor Violations
    • No more than three in the past three years for P2P
    • No More than Five in past five years for Livery
      • Non-Fatal Accidents
      • Moving violations
      • Speeding tickets
      • Traffic light violations.
  • Major Violations
    • None In the Last Five Years
      • Driving on a suspended, revoked or invalid licene or insurance
    • None In The last Seven Years
      • DUI or Drug related offences
      • Speeding over 100mph
      • Hit and Run
      • Reckless Driving
      • Speed racing or speed contest

The factors for criminal history are:

  • None of the following in the last seven years
    • Any felony
    • Any driving related offenses
    • Violent crimes
    • Sexual offences
    • Child abuse or endangerment

How Does Uber Conduct a background check?

Uber partners with a company called Checkr to run background checks on all potential drivers. Checkr runs the applicant’s social security number through a series of federal, state and local databases to find what they can about their driving and criminal history, and provides this to Uber.

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