Is Uber available in Seattle? (2022 Update)

All of Ubers major ride hailing services are available in the larger Seattle area, including for rides to and from the airport. The base price for Uber in Seattle is $1.37 and $0.27 a minute along with $1.60 each mile, with their other premium services (including Uber XL, Uber Comfort, Uber Black and others) costing more.

Is Uber the fastest way to travel?

Uber is typically faster and cheaper than traveling by taxi or other forms of transportation. Seattle has several forms of transportation such as water taxis, bus, railroads and even street cars.

Uber is chosen more often than other forms of transportation because it is usually faster to get riders to their chosen destination and the costs of using uber are typically less expensive. Since Uber drivers are local and know the routes, traffic wait times are also typically less.

Uber XL is an option while visiting Seattle. Uber XL is one of the many services offered by Uber in Seattle.

Uber XL can accommodate up to five people. It is perfect for groups wanting to travel together and not split the group into separate vehicles. This is the reason that bigger groups choose Uber XL.

 How much will Uber cost me while visiting Seattle?

The amount you will end up paying for Uber while in Seattle will vary depending on which ride option you choose. The different costs are listed below.

  • Uber Hourly – $50.00
  • Uber Black SUV – $21.00
  • Uber Comfort – $10,00
  • Uber Connect – $8.00
  • Uber XL – $7.00
  • Uber WAV, Uber X, and Uber Green – $5.00

What is the cost to get from the nearest airport to downtown Seattle using Uber? 

To use Uber as your method of transportation from the Airport and arriving downtown Seattle, as with other costs of the rideshare service, will vary depending on which option you choose.

  • Uber WAV – $28.50
  • Uber Connect – $37.60
  • Uber Comfort – $47.90
  • Uber X – $39.70
  • Uber Green – $40.90
  • Uber Black – $55.00
  • Uber Black SUV – $65.00
  • Uber XL – $63.00
  • Uber Hourly – $61.00

These numbers can vary depending on whether surge numbers are active, as well as route chosen and current road traffic conditions.

What does it cost to travel 30 minutes away while in Seattle?

To travel 30 minutes in an Uber in Seattle will vary depending on which type of Uber you need. The different prices are listed below.

  • Uber WAV – $58.60
  • Uber X- $60.00
  • Uber Hour – $51.40
  • Uber Connect – $63.50 
  • Uber Black SUV – $152.50
  • Uber Black – $133.80
  • Uber Comfort – $74.60
  • Uber XL – $91.92

These prices may change and could increase or decrease significantly over time according to traffic conditions and price increase or decreases.

What are my payment options for an Uber ride in Seattle?

While using the Uber app you can choose from a variety of payment methods. You can choose to pay using cash, credit card, debit card, Paypal, Venmo, and Uber gift card.

Select your preferred method of payment before confirming your ride through the app. Select the method you would like to use and then confirm the ride.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes, you can pay with cash using the app – however you will need to make sure to select cash payment before requesting your ride, as it can’t be done afterwards. You will need to go to your Uber accounts page and select payment methods – from there select ‘Cash”. One thing to keep in mind is that Uber will save this as your default option for future rides, so make sure to toggle it back to another payment method if you don’t want to use cash in the future.

Will I save money using Uber over using a taxi while in Seattle?

Uber is typically the cheaper option of the two most places, Seattle included.

If choosing between the two options, and saving money is at the front of your mind, Uber is your best bet. Keep in mind that traffic conditions, current location, and your destination could cause the approximate prices listed in this article to vary. 

How safe is Uber?

Uber is generally considered a safe method of traveling when unfamiliar with an area. Of course, every area has areas that have higher crime. Follow recommended safety precautions when unfamiliar with an area. Always secure your valuables from public view, be aware of your surroundings and refrain from staring at your phone while walking to make yourself look less of a target.

How can I guarantee that a driver will be available?

Uber allows you to preorder your ride upto to 30 days in advance.

This can allow you to guarantee that a ride is available even during peak times or during special events. This can be done through the Uber app.

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