Is There Uber In Venice? (2022 Update)

Uber is an excellent form of transportation. However, the on-demand transportation service is not offered everywhere.

There are no Uber services in Venice, Italy. Everything in the bustling city of Venice is within walking distance. Ubering around Venice is a waste of money, and therefore it is not offered.

The remainder of this article will discuss alternatives to Uber in Venice. There are many other ways to get around, and this article will offer servers alternatives.

How do you travel around Venice?

There are many transportation methods around Venice, Italy. The methods of transportation may vary from walking to canal water rides.

Alternative ride sharing is not necessary because there is not much distance to travel. There are plenty of other travel options aside from ride-sharing applications.

The way you travel through the city is entirely preferential. Impacts consider whether you have money, where you are going, and how long you have to travel.


The cheapest method of transportation is walking. It is free, and it gives you the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Walking can take longer, but it is a great way to get in some of your sightseeing if you have the time.

Since everything in Venice is within walking distance, there is no reason to pay for transportation. Unfortunately, walking takes time, and it can take a toll on your body after a while.


Biking is a popular way to move around the city. It is an affordable way to travel for people who reside in Venice.

Riding a bike requires a prior investment, either purchasing or renting a bike. In addition, you will need safety gear like a bicycle helmet and maybe knee pads.

In the long run, riding a bike is a great investment. Biking to your destination will cut prices significantly.

Water taxis

Water taxis are the most expensive way for people to travel through canals. These taxis are the most private mode of transportation and the fastest way to travel through the Venice canals.

Water taxis are expensive because they offer a private experience and quick trips. Most taxis will fit up to ten people. So, if you travel in groups, then you can split the cost and save money.

Gondola and traghetti

Gondolas are long, flat-bottomed boats operated by an oarsman. You may pay a fare to ride modern Traghetto boats, operated by two oarsmen to travel through waterways faster than gondolas.

Traghetti are affordable and relatively slow compared to other transportation methods. You may find these boats in any location, but you typically find them in high-traffic locations.

When people think of gondolas, they often think of the prestigious and romantic boat. These boats are more expensive, with a private experience. Traghetto boats are large, less romanticized flat-bottomed boats used for public transportation. They are relatively inexpensive and a great way to enjoy the outdoors as you travel.

Vaporetto boats

Vaporetto rides are steamboat waterbuses that transport people around the canals of Venice, Italy. Boarding passes are only €7.50 per single trip, which can become expensive if you take multiple Vaporetto rides per day.

To decrease your cost, you may purchase daily or weekly passes. Vaporetto passes permit endless travel until the pass expires. In comparison, you will get endless rides on a Vaporetto ride than you would for the price of one Uber ride.

One downfall to Vaporetto boats is the time it takes to travel. They are great for sightseeing, but the multiple stops can make traveling take longer.

How long does it take to travel around Venice?

The amount of time it takes to travel around Venice varies based on where you are going. It also varies based on the type of transportation that you are using.

Transportation like walking can take much longer than water taxis. However, they will save you a significant amount of money.


There is no Uber in Venice. However, there is plenty of other transportation options that people can use to get around this busy Italian city. Plenty of cheap travel options exist instead of Uber, most involving Venice’s famous Italian canals. The Venice waterways let you sightsee while traveling from one place to another at cheap costs. 

Since you can walk anywhere, there is no real need to use public transportation. The lack of need for public transportation means that you can save significant money. It also means that you will also get plenty of daily exercise. However, there are plenty of options if you do not want to spend the extra time walking.

Consider your budget, schedule, and the experience you would like to have as you choose your method of transportation. If you are worried about spending too much money, it is a good idea to choose a cheaper option such as a Vaporetto ride. Despite the price, it is sometimes worth indulging in a water taxi for the scenic views and private experience.

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