Is There Uber In Phoenix? (2022 Update)

Yes, Uber is available in Phoenix. Riding opportunities are available for Ubre customers who would like to take advantage of UberX, UberXL, Uber Black, Uber Black SUV, and Uber Comfort.

Whether you are part of the corporate explosion taking place in Phoenix, one of the half million students studying in one of the more than 30 local colleges, a military member looking to travel responsibly, or just trying to get home from the airport, there’s a ride for you.

Services Available from Uber in Phoenix

As the tenth largest American city by area and the fifth largest by population, Phoenix has a population density of 1,293 people per square mile. The resultant population has created an extraordinary business growth for Uber and several services beyond the basic are available.

  • UberX. As the workhorse of the Uber service and most economical of all of them, riders can expect their vehicle to pass Uber’s safety and quality standards and for drivers to meet safe driver qualifications
  • UberXL. To accommodate a larger party or even a group traveling with a robust amount of airport luggage, the vehicles for this service require at least seven seatbelts and exclude vehicles such as vans and box trucks
  • Uber Black. Billed as Uber’s “original black car service” riders can expect a ride in a luxury vehicle no older than six years. Drivers maintain a rating of 4.85 or higher and carry commercial insurance. Vehicles are top notch and in optimal running condition
  • Uber Black SUV. Similar to the Uber Black service, riders will experience a luxury ride in an SUV with no fewer than seven passenger spaces. Drivers are in the top rated in the Uber fleet and carry commercial insurance.
  • Uber Comfort. Comfort rides can come from any vehicle in the Uber fleet as long as it has qualified leg room for clients who need more space. Drivers will maintain a rating of 4.85 and have completed at least 100 rides.

Uber Costs in Phoenix

The minimum fare for a ride in Phoenix is $5 with a ride origination fee of $1.80, a $0.90 per mile charge, and a $0.09 charge per minute.

With that cost, from Phoenix Sky Harbor to the Kimton hotel a ride with Uber Black will cost $35. A ride from the airport to the Hilton will average $70, and driving out to the four seasons in Scottsdale will cost approximately $90.

For clients looking for a way to ride to downtown for work or home again, you can expect surge times to 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm.

Additionally, nightlife surge times will, on a Friday and Saturday especially, occur between 11pm and 3pm, closing time.

Military Rides

While there are military I.D. holders who drive for Uber, it is necessary before planning a ride to familiarize yourself with the Security Forces protocols for base entry for people without a CAC card.

It may be necessary for you to meet your ride at the base security office to give them credentialed access to the base. It might be more effective to simply walk off base and meet them at a predetermined location.

College Students

If you are a student at one of the dozens of local colleges, it is possible to take advantage of the convenience of not driving yourself to class or home from a day of studies. Always bear in mind that while the rides aren’t free, tips are appreciated for good drivers.

Drive for Uber in Phoenix

Because of the population density in Phoenix, the opportunities to maximize your driving earnings are great.

Driving for Students

While students, on average, tip less than business drivers, most drivers can chain several rides together to maximize their earnings in the time you spend driving. This is a great opportunity for students with qualified credentials.

Driving for the 9-5ers

With the Population in Phoenix only projected to grow over the next five years, the need for ride sharing among groups of coworkers into town from their places of residence is only going to increase.

With both white- and blue-collar opportunities expanding in all four cardinal directions, surge hour earnings will continue for the 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm time frame.

Airport Rides

In 2016, Pheonix Sky Harbor International Airport allowed its first curbside Uber pickup. Ever since then, it has remained a staple for Uber drivers who familiarize themselves with incoming flight schedules. There’s even a ridesharing waiting area for you to wait for your fare.

Military Driving

Luke AFB is a great opportunity for drivers with base access credentials to take airmen from base to the bustling night life of Phoenix. For a motivated driver, Friday and Saturday make for incredible earning opportunities.

The Phoenix Bar Crawl

Speaking of the night life, surge hours stretch, on average from 11pm to 3am after the Phoenix bars announce, “closing time.” Help Phoenix residents finish out a great night in town with a safe ride.

A Grand Time in the Grand Canyon State

Whether you are looking to get home from jet setting across the globe, or you are looking to make some extra money driving for Uber, Phoenix has fully embraced Uber. For more information, check their website for price estimates and cars available for your driving time.

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