Is There Uber In Myrtle Beach? (2022 Update)

There are Uber services in Myrtle Beach and it’s definitely the easiest and most convenient way to get around the area.

When travelling to a new area it is important that you know the best and safest ways to travel around. Not only will this ensure that you are safe at all times but also that you can choose the best and cheapest way to travel and avoid tourist scams. 

There are many different things to see around Myrtle beach so knowing how you will get to and from them all is important. Luckily Uber is available in Myrtle beach.

What is the base Uber fare in Myrtle beach?

If you are booking an Uber X service in Myrtle beach then the base fare is $1.03. On top of this base fare, you will also be billed $0.16/minute and $1.29/mile.

Can I get a free ride on Uber in Myrtle beach?

Luckily you can get a free Uber ride here. The best and easiest way is to sign up as a new customer as this will entitle you to a free ride up to the value of $20.

If you are already an existing customer then you may also be able to get a free ride by looking online for coupons and discount codes.

Does Myrtle beach have Uber XL?

If you are more than 3 people then booking an Uber XL service is a great way to ensure that you can all travel together without the need to organize multiple taxis or cars. Luckily, Myrtle Beach does have Uber XL services available so you and your friends can travel together easily.

If you are a group then travelling in a Uber XL is also a great way to save a little extra money on your fare. Please note that an XL Uber can take a maximum of five passengers. 

Is there a minimum fare?

If you using Uber X in and around Myrtle beach then it is worth keeping in mind that there is a minimum fare. This is $6.86 but if you choose to cancel your trip then the cancelation fee will depend upon your reason for cancelling. 

If you have opted for the Uber Comfort option then the minimum fee is $10. 

Uber XL has a minimum of $9.

Using Uber from the airport to the center

If you have just arrived in the area then the chances are that you need to get from Myrtle Beach International Airport to the center. Uber is a very convenient way to travel this distance as it is also very reasonably priced considering this is an airport journey.

If you are using the Uber X option then it will run you $13.13 to head from the airport to the center. The pricier options include Uber Comfort which will be $15.14 and Uber XL which will cost $17.84.

The cost of 30 minutes in an Uber in Myrtle beach

Knowing the rough cost of a 30 minute ride in any city is a great way to be able to compare prices not only with your hometown but also against the cost of local cabs. For a 30-minute trip in Myrtle Beach, using Uber will run you $22.71 if you choose Uber X, $27.13 for Uber Comfort and $34.33 for Uber XL.

Can I pay for my Uber with cash?

The great thing about booking an Uber is that you can choose the most convenient way to pay for you. You can either input your card details into the app, or you can choose to pay cash directly to your driver upon completion of your trip.

To pay with cash you will need to select this option in advance of booking your trip with Uber. Choose cash payment in the payment section on the app. If you do this then cash payments will be your default setting. 

Is uber cheaper than local taxis?

When you are travelling around Myrtle beach using Uber is a much cheaper option than using local cabs. Uber guarantees you a great service for a great price. In addition, using Uber is much safer as they have all of the driver’s details on record as well as your trip details and they have been vetted in advance. 

Is Uber in Myrtle beach reliable?

Yes, Uber in Myrtle Beach is very reliable. Their services are available around the clock. However, in high season and during busy times note that the waiting time may be a little bit longer than normal. 

Is Uber in Myrtle beach safe at night?

Due to their vetting process and the fact that everything is kept on record, Uber is one of the safest ways to travel around Myrtle beach at night. You can even share your journey with friends and family to let them know when you will arrive.

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