Is there Uber in Honolulu? (2022 Update)

There is Uber in Honolulu and is available to and from popular destinations such as malls and hotels.

If you are soon going to be visiting Honolulu then you may be wondering to yourself “I wonder if there’s Uber in Honolulu?” Not only is Uber a service whose app many people have already downloaded and are familiar with but it also a very easy and convenient way to get around, relying on locals with knowledge of the area.

Is there Uber in Honolulu?

Thankfully there is Uber in Honolulu. This means that you can quickly get from your arrival spot to your hotel in no time without the added stress of finding a local cab or booking a transfer in advance. Uber is also available to take you to any of the most popular t in Honolulu such as shopping centers and even places like Waikiki. 

Why choose Uber?

One of the great reasons why many people rely on Uber, especially in cities, is because there is no need to find and then pay a lot of money for a parking space. Your Uber driver will simply drop you off at your destination and that’s it! There’s no need to drive around in circles, you can be dropped off as close as possible to your end destination. 

Uber’s prices in Honolulu are actually very competitive, meaning that there is no disadvantage to using the service in favor of a more local option such as cabs or car rental.

Can I get a free Uber ride in Honolulu?

There are many different ways that you can get a free ride with Uber and rest assured that many of them are applicable when in Honolulu. 

If you have never used Uber before and have just downloaded the app then your very first ride will be free. You will need to make sure that you enter a valid promotion code to redeem this offer. This can normally be found online or will be sent to you in an email from Uber themselves.

Does Honolulu have Uber XL?

If you are coming to Honolulu in a group then it may be a better idea to hire a larger vehicle that can fit all of you. That way you can ensure that you reach your destination together at the same time and there is also no need to coordinate two vehicles.

Luckily, there is Uber XL in Honolulu so this is possible. Uber XL is able to take up to 5 passengers in Honolulu. 

There are also many other Uber options available, including:

  • Uber Military
  • Uber Comfort
  • Uber Connect
  • Uber X
  • Uber Premier
  • Uber Assist

How much does an Uber cost in Honolulu?

One of the great things about there being Uber in Honolulu is that the service is much cheaper than local cabs. Local cabs can be very expensive, especially for visitors that do not know where they are going. So, Uber is a great option.

Obviously, the exact cost of your Uber trip will depend on the service that you order as well as the length of your journey. 

Minimum fares

The minimum fare for an Uber in Honolulu is $7.44 for Uber Connect. If you are using Uber Connect then the trip will run you $2.73 as a base fare, $0.20/minute for the ride itself and then $1.34/mile of the trip.

For Uber X the numbers are: $1.88 as base fare, $2.40 as a booking fee, minimum fare of $6.92 and $0.21/minute and $1.41/mile.

Obviously depending on the service that you choose from those listed above the prices and charges will vary.

Travelling from the airport to the center

If you have arrived at Honolulu International Airport and you want to travel into the center of Honolulu then you should expect to pay around $16 for the Uber Connect service, $19.60 for Uber X and about $25 if booking Uber Comfort. 

Does Uber in Honolulu accept cash?

Yes, it is possible to pay cash when using Uber in Honolulu. However, you will need to make sure that you select this option when making your booking. This will then not deduct money from your saved card but allow you to pay your driver directly when your trip has ended.

Remember to check this option before your next ride as “pay with cash” will then be the default option.

Is Uber safe in Honolulu?

Uber is one of the safest services out there. Uber takes its customers’ safety and security very seriously and will vet all of its drivers as well as keep an eye on their ratings and any comments. So, this is an added layer of security that you do not get when using a local taxi service. 

On the whole, Uber is much safer than local cabs.

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