Is There Uber In Dublin Ireland? (2022 Update)

Yes, there is Uber in Dublin Ireland. In fact, Uber is a great option for transportation in Dublin. It is more expensive to take an Uber around Dublin than it is to use public transportation. However, the security and spaciousness of these cars make traveling safer and more comfortable. 

The price of your ride may vary depending on your type of Uber and your destination. No matter where you go in Dublin, Uber is the best choice for transportation.

This article discusses the type of Uber rides in Dublin, Ireland. It also discusses the prices of Uber in Dublin and potential ride benefits.

Is there Uber in Dublin, Ireland?

Uber is available in Dublin, Ireland. This private mode of transportation is a great way to travel around the Dublin area. It is quick, affordable, and timely.

Dublin has two types of Uber rides. Ordering an Uber must be done through the Uber application on your smartphone. You can schedule a ride up to thirty days in advance of your expected day of travel. 

What type of Uber is in Dublin, Ireland?

There are two Uber services available in Dublin, Ireland, including the Uber Taxi and the Uber Black. These services are both private types of transportation services. However, they have major differences in price, size, and a few other variables as well.

Several other factors make the prices differ significantly.

Uber Taxi

The Uber taxi is a cheap, yellow cab on-demand transportation method offered through the Uber application. Traditional yellow cabs have partnered with Uber, so you can schedule calls through your Uber application and pay using a card. 

For people traveling alone or who do not mind a lack of space, Uber Taxi is a great way to travel. The affordable price is fantastic for frequent lone travelers.

Uber Black

Uber Black is a premium Uber service. Ordering a Uber Black is more expensive than Uber Taxis. Premium cars are often larger than regular Uber Taxis, offering more legroom and spacious seats. These premium cars are more luxurious than regular Uber taxis, with leather seats and other modern upgrades.

In addition to being more luxurious, all Uber black drivers must maintain a high satisfaction rating. People who cannot maintain a professional rating will not qualify as an Uber Black driver.

What is the difference between Uber Black and Uber Taxi?

The main difference between Uber Black and Uber Taxi is the price. However, there are also space and appearance differences to these two Uber car choices.

Even with the €3.60 minimum, the Uber Taxi is a cheaper option. The Uber Black driving services is a premium option, with luxurious cars. Because of that, there are additional expenses for riding using the premium Uber option. 

One of the largest differences between these two car types is their size. Uber Taxi seats fewer people than Uber Black because of its smaller size. The small size is not a problem if you are traveling alone. However, ordering the affordable Uber Taxi can be uncomfortable or impossible if you travel in large numbers. 

Furthermore, during certain hours of the day, Uber Black is less common. Because of their lack of commonality, there may be fewer of them on the road. 

How expensive is Uber in Dublin, Ireland?

The average cost of Uber varies based on your desired location. It will also vary based on the type of car you select. In most cases, Uber Taxi is significantly cheaper than Uber Black.

To decrease the price of your ride, you can use discount codes. If price is not a factor, you can also upgrade to better rides for an additional expense. These rides are most luxurious, spacious, and have drivers with higher driving scores.

Still, Uber in Dublin is more expensive than regular taxis or car services. However, the service is more spacious and clean than public transportation. Plus, they are more reliable than other car services.

Uber ride benefits

Customers can benefit from riding Uber, including a 50% discount for being a new user. Usually, your first few rides get a discount, which means you can travel around at discounted rates! 

Uber offers discounts to frequent riders. These are directly updated to your account through the application or sent to the email linked with your account.


You can use Uber in Dublin, Ireland. There are two types of Ubers in Dublin, the Uber Black, and the Uber Taxi. The prices of your Uber will vary based on which type of Uber you choose. 

To decrease the price of your ride, try ridesharing or using one of the many discounts offered by Uber. Uber gives discounts to new users, offers promos online, and sends email promo coupons. Use these to lower your price. 

Despite contrary belief, Uber is an affordable way to travel around Dublin, Ireland. There are multiple ride choices and many discount codes that can decrease the cost of your ride. Uber offers several ride promotions, such as discounts for new or frequent users.

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