Is there Uber In Cancun? (2023 Update)

There are Uber services available in Cancun and it is also the best-priced way to travel around Cancun.

When travelling to a new place in the world one of the things that you will need to consider is how you are going to travel around the place, not only from tourist spot to tourist spot but also from the airport or train station as soon as you get there.

Many people already trust Uber as their main way of getting around their home town thanks to its convenient app and payment methods. So, if you are travelling to Cancun on holiday then you are in luck as not only does Cancun have Uber but it is also the cheapest way to get around.

Can you get a free ride in Cancun?

Yes, you can get a free ride with Uber in Cancun. The best way to do this is to sign up and create a new account this will entitle you to a voucher worth 150 pesos to be used against your first ride with Uber.

However, if you already have an account and have used Uber previously then there are also many different vouchers online that will entitle you to a free ride or money off in Cancun.

Does Cancun have Uber XL?

If you are going away with friends or family then you may be a larger group of people. This will mean that you will not all fit into a regular Uber car and will need to hire an XL for the ride. Although Uber XL is available in many places, unfortunately, it is not an option in Cancun.

The option available is the 3-person normal-sized Uber. So, you will need to coordinate the cars ahead of time to ensure that you all arrive at your destination at the same time.

If you have booked an Uber from the airport then there is also the option of a 4-person car. 

Is there a minimum fare for Uber in Cancun?

Yes, Uber in Cancun does have a minimum fare as well as several other charges and fees.

If you are ordering an Uber X then the minimum fare will be the equivalent of $1.70 with a base fare of $0.30. The normal charge is $0.25 per kilometer.

Bear in mind that if you choose to cancel your Uber ride then it will charge you a cancellation fee of $0.50.

How much does an Uber cost from the airport to the center?

If you have just arrived in Cancun and you are staying in the city center then ordering an Uber will be the quickest and cheapest option. If you are ordering an Uber X then this trip will cost you approximately $10. 

How much does a 30 minute Uber ride in Cancun cost?

If you are looking for a rough guide on the Uber prices in Cancun then look for the average price of a 30-minute ride Although every ride will vary depending on the distance travelled, the average for 30 minutes in an Uber in Cancun will cost you $10. 

Can you pay in cash?

One of the great things about using Uber is that you can pay either in cash or with a predetermined card. And this is also true for Uber in Cancun. 

However, you will need to decide which payment method you want to use before ordering your ride as this cannot be changed once it has been ordered. To change your payment method to cash you will need to go into the payment section in the app and select pay with cash. 

However, doing this will make cash payments your default payment setting. So, if you only want to use cash with one Uber ride, and then revert back to paying by card, make sure to change the settings after your ride.

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi?

One of the best things about Uber in Cancun is that it is cheaper than getting in a local cab. So, not only are you ordering a clean and well-kept car, as well as having a driver that has been vetted by Uber themselves, making it a much safer option than local cabs, but you are also getting the best deal.

Can you pre-book an Uber?

In Cancun, it is possible to pre-book an Uber ride. You can choose to pre-book your ride anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 days in advance of your ride time. So, if you are in the city for less than 30 days you can even pre-book your trip back to the airport to make sure that you are on time for your flight.

This is a particularly good option in high season when the wait times for Uber’s service are likely to be a little bit longer than normal. 

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