How to cancel an Uber Eats order (2023 Update)

Uber Eats is a wonderful service. Oftentimes we have favorite restaurants that simply don’t deliver, and Uber Eats fills that business niche nicely. From time to time, however, the need arises to cancel an order. Maybe a friend showed up with pizza. Perhaps your driver is simply taking too long and you need to eat now!

Whatever your reasons, cancelling your Uber Eats order is quite easily done, but you may not get a full refund. Today we’ll talk about cancelling out an Uber Eats order and we’ll tell you what you can expect when you do.

In some cases, it might be worth simply getting your order and putting the food in the fridge for later. Let’s start with the steps that you’ll need to cancel and then we’ll tell you what you need to know about Uber’s refund policies.

Steps for cancelling your Uber eats order

Cancelling your order is extremely simple by means of your Uber app. All that you need to do is to login to your app and use the following steps:

  • After Uber Eats loads up, select the option that says ‘Receipts’. This is an icon that will be located towards the bottom of your screen and when we select it then it will display current and previous Uber Eats orders.
  • Select the current order from your list that you want to cancel and we’ll need to take a look at the status. As long as your status reads ‘Confirming order with your restaurant’ then you should have an option to cancel it.
  • Select cancel and a confirmation will appear from Uber Eats asking if you are sure. Confirm your cancellation and you should be issued a full refund.

Will I always get a full refund if I cancel my Uber eats order?

Now that we’ve provided the cancellation steps, we need to discuss what happens if the restaurant has already received your order and you still want to cancel it. In cases like this, you likely won’t be able to use the app, as the ‘cancel’ option will not be present. Rather, you will need to call Uber Eats to let them know that you wish to cancel your order.

When you call Uber Eats and provide them with your order information and a request to cancel, they will cancel the order from their end but you will NOT receive a full refund, unless the reasons which you provide convince the Uber customer service representative that a full refund is warranted.

For instance, if you are requesting a refund because you know that your order is ready, but the delivery driver has yet to pick it up and you’re worried that the food will be cold, then this won’t necessarily get you a full refund.

 You might just get a partial one, as refunds once the restaurant has received your order are going to be at the customer services rep’s discretion.

What if I am cancelling because items were missing when my order arrived?

If you are trying to cancel an order because a number of items were missing or if the order was entirely incorrect, then this is a little different. Uber Eat’s policy for missing items is that they will simply refund you the sales price for the items which were missing but you will still be charged for the delivery fee itself.

If the entire order is wrong, however, then Uber will refund you for the full amount of the items that you ordered and they will also refund the delivery fee. This is still at the discretion of the customer service representative but Uber Eats is typically quite good about honoring this and issuing a refund when bad deliveries occur.

Can I cancel an Uber eats payment directly through PayPal?

Some unhappy customers who are using PayPal may be wondering if they can simply cancel the charge or remove their subscription in PayPal to get a refund after their call to Uber Eats was not resolved to their liking.

PayPal will display the charge, but if you want to contest it then this will have to be cone manually and PayPal’s process means that you may not get a refund.

If you do get a refund, it may take up to 2 weeks. While you can go into ‘subscriptions’ and remove Uber Eats from your list, the charge for your order has already been processed so removing the subscription will not result in an instant refund.

 You’ll need to follow PayPal’s dispute process if you wish to cancel your order and attempt to obtain a refund by means of Paypal.

Final Thoughts On How to cancel an Uber Eats order

Today we’ve outlined the steps for cancelling your Uber Eats order and while it is an easy process, you’ll want to be quick about it if you want a full refund. If you wait until the restaurant has processed your order, then you will need to call Uber Eats and you may only receive a partial refund for your troubles.

If that happens, just be sure to give them a details account of why you are cancelling and with any luck, you might still get a full refund… just don’t count on it!