How do I sign up for Uber? What are the requirements? (2023 Update)

Uber has a great business model. If you meet the minimum requirements and have your own vehicle then you might just qualify to take advantage. If you are wondering ‘how do I sign up for Uber? What are the requirements?’ then today is your lucky day.

All that you need to do are to meet the licensing and age requirements, have a vehicle and the right documents, and pass a quick online background check.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to start your new job… working for Uber!

Minimum requirements to drive for Uber

One of the big reasons that many people are taking the plunge and getting a job with Uber is that it’s actually quite easy. Let’s start with your minimum requirements:

  • Age: This will depend on your city and state, but Uber requires that you meet the minimum age to drive in the actual city where you will be providing Uber service.
  • Licensing: You’ll need to have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • Driving Experience: If you are under 23 years of age, then you will need at least 3 years of driving experience. Applicants over 23 just need to have 1 year of driving experience.
  • Vehicle: You will need a 4-door vehicle that fits the requirements for the program which you are driving for. We’ll have more specifics later in this article so that you can see if your vehicle qualifies.

Beyond these minimums, there are also certain documents that you are going to need. In the next section we’ll detail the paperwork that you will need to produce for Uber for your application process.

Documents that you are going to need to get started

To drive legally, whether for Uber or not, there are certain documents that you need. Driving for Uber is no different, so this part is going to be quite easy as you should already have most of these items. Below is your required paperwork and licensing:

  • Your driver’s license (must be a valid U.S. driver’s license)
  • Proof of address and residency
  • You will need a copy of your insurance papers
  • A forward-facing photo will also be required. This cannot be your driver’s licensed photo and must show you only. You must be facing forward, with your face and shoulders in view, and without obstructions such as sun glasses. Basically, just a clear, recognizable, front-facing photo of yourself.

Vehicle requirements for different UBER programs

As you can see, the requirements are fairly relaxed and should be easy for most applicants. The next thing that you will need to know, however, is which Uber programs your vehicle will qualify for. Aside from basic service, Uber has some premium offerings as well that can earn you more money than standard Uber service.

Let’s look a little closer and you can see what your vehicle will qualify for.


This is standard service and you will need a 4-door vehicle, made in 2002 or more recently, specifically designed to hold up to 4 people besides yourself as the driver.


The next tier is UberXL and it will require a 4-door, undamaged SUV or van. This vehicle must seat up to 6 passengers AND a driver.


Also known as ‘Uber Plus’, your vehicle must be from 2009 or more recent and it must be a luxury model with a leather interior. You must be able to seat yourself as the driver, plus 4 passengers, and your vehicle must no cosmetic damage.  


UberBLACK vehicles need to be black on the outside and on the inside, as well as being a luxury vehicle from no earlier than 2012.


If you have a luxury SUV from no later than 2012, with a black interior and exterior, which can also seat 6 passengers and 1 driver then you may apply for this luxury version of the UberXL program.

You’ll also need an online background check

If you meet the minimum requirements and you also have all of your documentation and your picture ready, then you will want to go to Uber’s sign-up page here. You will be able to submit copies of your paperwork online and you will also need to take Uber’s background check.

This check is quick and easy and is simply there to determine criminal history, as well as your driving history, and this is going to be the final part of your application process. If you approved, then you will be added to the Uber platform and you can now download the app and start making money as an Uber driver immediately!

In conclusion: Driving for Uber is easy – what are you waiting for?

Today we’ve explored the minimum requirements for becoming an Uber driver. Now that you know the basics, why not get your paperwork together and apply? Uber is a great way to get back into the rat-race on your own terms and the application process is quick and easy.

So, download the app and get started getting money today with Uber. You’ll be happy that you did!

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