How do I report a bad Uber driver? (2023 Update)

When it comes to getting your transportation without breaking the bank, Uber can be quite convenient. By providing the assistance of locals, you stand a good chance of getting from A to B efficiently and at a considerable savings, and it’s hard to beat the convenience of the app. The problem, of course, is that every now and again you can get a ‘bad egg’.

So, what can you do if a driver is rude or otherwise unprofessional?

The process is actually quite easy – if you know where to look in your app. Let’s go into our scenarios and we’ll show you how it’s done!


Sample scenario #1 – Unprofessional driver

Let’s say that you’ve ordered an Uber to get you to the airport at 2:00pm. Despite specifying your time, the local Uber driver shows up late and a mad rush to get to the airport ensues.

When asked why they were late, the driver is sharp simply tells you things like ‘you’ll get there’ or ‘bet you wish you planned this better’.

Other questionable actions would include

  • Smoking while driving
  • Driving dangerously
  • Having a friend or family member in their car

Scenarios like this, while rare, can and do occasionally occur. Thankfully, filing a complaint is a breeze and you can do it in moments. Just use the following steps:

  • Tap the Uber icon on your Smartphone to open the app.
  • Select the ‘Menu’ option, which is displayed as 3 horizontal lines. This will give you a drop-down menu of options and we want to select the one which reads ‘Your Trips’
  • Once you’ve selected ‘Your Trips’, you’ll be given a list of Uber trips which you have recently taken. Select your airport trip and this should take us to the trip details.
  • Under your trip details, you should see two tabs, one for ‘Receipt’ and one for ‘Help’. If we select ‘Help’ then this will give us a list of options and the 4th option down should be ‘My driver was unprofessional’.
  • If you select this option then you will be given a form where you may report the driver’s behavior so that the feedback will be sent to Uber.

We should note at this time, if you feel that the unprofessional behavior was bad enough that you wish to request a refund, the option above ‘My driver was unprofessional’ is ‘I would like a refund’, which will also give you an option for complaining about the driver while requesting a refund at the same time.

Let’s revisit our late-airport arrival scenario with the assumption that the driver was rude and decided to overcharge you, as well.

Sample scenario #2 – An Uber driver is rude and has overcharged you

In this scenario you’ve scheduled an Uber driver to get you to the airport, they’ve arrived late, and they have been rude on the entire rushed trip to the airport. On arrival, they tell you that you must pay an amount which differs from the one on your Uber app. Here is what you need to do to report the driver and request a refund:

  • Open your Uber app as we did before and select ‘My trips’ from the menu.
  • Select the trip you wish to request a refund for and instead of ‘My driver was unprofessional’ we want to select ‘I want a refund’. This still lets you complain about the driver, so they won’t be ‘off the hook’, we’re just requesting compensation with your complaint in this scenario.
  • Select ‘I was overcharged on my cash trip’ and you’ll see an option that reads ‘Technical issues may have caused your fare to be incorrectly calculated. This is rare.
  • Underneath that text, you will have a space where you may enter ‘Cash fare you expected to pay’. Enter the amount you were quoted and enter the amount which you actually paid under ‘Cash fare paid’.
  • Next, under ‘Share additional details’ you can give Uber a description of your experience so that you may report the driver’s behavior.

While this does not guarantee you a refund, if you were overcharged then you should definitely file your complaint with the steps which we’ve just detailed. This will help to ensure that the unprofessional driver is having their behavior documented and bring attention to Uber in regards to their behavior.

Some final words on reporting a rude Uber driver

Complaints which are filed with Uber are anonymous, so be sure to file a complaint if an Uber driver is less than professional. Uber is a wonderful service but as with any business, your feedback is vital for improving the service experience for both you and for next person who may encounter this driver.

Make sure that your voice is heard and everyone benefits. With any luck, your next experience with Uber will be a completely professional one.

Just like it’s supposed to be!

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