Are Uber And Lyft The Same Company? (2022 Update)

Despite offering similar services to customers, Uber and Lyft are two distinct taxi companies.

A lot of the time you will get into a taxi and notice that there are both Uber and Lyft stickers in the window. So, you may be wondering to yourself if these are the same thing? After all, they’re both taxi companies and surely a driver would just work for one?

Well, in fact, they are different! Although they are essentially the same from the point of view of the passenger, the two companies are distinct and Uber is a much larger company than Lyft. So, here we’ll tell you a bit more about each of the two companies.

About Lyft

Lyft is a taxi service founded by John Zimmer and Logan Green in 2012. Before starting up Lyft they had already gained experience in the industry by launching a peer taxi company called Zimride.

The focus behind Zimride was carpooling and allowing its users a much safer experience rather than relying on other methods. However, the pair ultimately decided to focus their attention on Lyft and sold Zimride.

Lyft services are currently available in every state in the United States, in Canada and even in Columbia. In 2018 the two founders made the company public.

Just as with Zimride, Green and Zimmer paid special attention to their customers’ safety ensuring that there are minimum requirements for every car and every driver. For example, each car in service under Lyft must have four functional doors and five working seatbelts, anything less than this will not be permitted. 

The company also ensures that all of its drivers have been vetted with 2 background checks. 

There are a number of different services that the company offers, allowing the customer to choose the right service for them. These are:

  • Normal Lyft: a regular-sized vehicle that can transport up to 4 passengers
  • Lyft XL: a larger vehicle that can take up to 6 passengers
  • Lyft Lux: a premium vehicle
  • Lyft Black: a similar service to Lux
  • Lyft Black XL: a luxury SUV with room for a maximum of 4 passengers

Since 2015 the average price of a ride with Lyft has drastically increased. The average cost in 2015 was $12.53 but today this has risen to $27. Remember that if you make any changes to your journey whilst you are a passenger then this will also affect the total price.

About Uber

Uber was founded much earlier than Lyft in 2009. Its original name was Ubercab and the company was started by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanack. Although now Kalanack has departed from the company, Garret Camp still plays a central role.

Uber is a much bigger company and is currently in operation in many different countries across the globe. One result of this exposure is that the company is able to bring a much bigger income, however, it has also exposed it to a lot of negative press. 

For example, in 2017 Uber had to settle a lawsuit for $10 million over a sexual harassment case. 

However, the company also became public in 2018, the year that Lyft did. In many places around the world Uber s the only company that operates in direct competition with local cabs, giving locals the chance to work for a multinational company.

Just like Lyft has multiple services, so too does Uber. However, their list of services available is much more expansive. They include:

  • Uber X: this is your normal service with a sedan. You can have a maximum of 4 passengers
  • Uber Comfort: a service with extra legroom
  • Uber XL: a larger vehicle with room for 6 passengers
  • Uber SUV: a luxury SUV that can have up to 6 passengers
  • Uber Pool: a cheaper option that lets you share the car with passengers going to different locations
  • Uber Black: a luxury town car
  • Uber Black SUV: a luxury SUV (room for 6 people)
  • Uber WAV: wheelchair and scooter accessible vehicles
  • Uber Select: a luxury car with your choice of a top-class driver
  • Uber Taxi: a yellow cab option
  • Uber Pet: lets you bring a pet in the vehicle with you

Uber is also committed to making their services as safe as possible for the passengers. They also vet all of their drivers and ensure that they pass background checks. All of the rides information is stored on the app and you can even share your journey live with friends and family to let them track your ride.

Uber has already radically increased its prices since 2015. Their rates are currently comparable but Uber has many different services available to its users. Additionally, since Lyft is restricted to the States, Canada and Columbia, Uber is the only option for people in many parts of the world.