How much can I earn driving for Uber?

This is a question we get a lot in the group, but realistically a hard one to answer.

Most UberX drivers come out with somewhere around $13-15 an hour, but from that you need to take out taxes (if you make over the IRS mileage deduction) plus your expenses for your vehicle, such as gas, depreciation, tires etc etc etc. If you’re just doing a few rides here and there it’s easy to ignore these as your personal driving probably significantly outweighs your Uber miles, but if you’re driving full time these will be very real expenses.

However, a big part of earning that $13-15 an hour is picking the right days, times of day, and places to drive. If you hang out in Winter Park from 11am to 3pm every day, you might end up making $4-$6 an hour, as there’s just no demand at that time. Tuesday nights are also notoriously dead in most of the city. Sunday mornings you can sit downtown for an hour before you get a ping. A huge amount of this job is learning when and where there’s going to be demand, and filling that demand, and nobody’s going to tell you when and where that is, because we’re all in competition here.

The good news however is that now that Uber has added Uber Eats, you will almost certainly find yourself busy of the majority of the time, either with passengers or with food.

Can you make more than $15 an hour? Absolutely, but you have to drive very specific times, such as 2:15am downtown on Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights, and events. In those instances you sit with your app offline and then go online when the surge hits a peak. You can make $150 or so in a few hours at that time, but it’s not going to be something you can do all week.

As for UberSELECT/XL, you can make a lot more per ride, but only if you already have a qualified vehicle – uber is quick to get rid of certain levels, so whatever you do, don’t go buy a vehicle just for this! Select/XL drivers report making upwards of $20-30 an hour.

Should you drive for Uber right now? Absolutely. It’s a great flexible job that allows you to make money when you want, set your own hours, work your own areas.

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