What’s the deal with tips?

Tips are a constant source of frustration for Uber drivers. Nobody would ever think to leave a bar or restaurant or even a taxi without leaving a tip, but as Uber drivers we rarely see tips, and with rates constantly dropping, even a tip of $2 per ride would make a gigantic difference to our bottom line.

Until very recently, Uber expressly told passengers they didn’t need to tip, and instructed drivers to refuse tips unless the passenger insisted.

However, after a recent court case, Uber changed their policy to say “Uber does not require riders to offer drivers a cash tip, you are welcome to do so”. Unfortunately, many riders have taken Uber’s “no tips” policy to heart, and as such tips are still few and far between.

Many drivers have always found ways to hint to riders that tips are not just accepted, but encouraged. For example, adding signs to your car is very popular.

Better yet, install a tip jar in your vehicle and throw in a few dollars to give riders the impression others have been tipping. At $14, the tip jar will pay for itself the first time you use it.

Finally, while just having the sign and jar will almost certainly get you more tips, you can add a few extras to your car such as water, candy, chargers etc to get people in the tipping mood.

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