What are some things I should have in my car?

Let’s be clear from the off – you don’t need to have anything in your car. At 65c a mile it’s hard enough to turn a profit never mind putting more money into giving free stuff to passengers.

However, now that Uber has changed their stance on tips, more drivers are adding signs encouraging passengers to tip as well as tip jars between the front seats.

If you really want to get the tips rolling, you could easily add a few perks to the car, but again, it’s entirely up to you as to whether you want to spend money to make money.

Probably the number one thing people offer is cellphone charging. Particularly if you pick up near the parks, people’s phones are likely dying and they’ll appreciate being able to charge up in your car. If you don’t already have one, you can get a dual charger for $9 and then either a multi-cable for $7.50 (which will charge pretty much anything but slowly), or get individual chargers (I personally find Anker the best brand) either online or hit up some pawn shops.

A very popular option is water. Drivers recommend smaller 8oz bottles as it’s about what a passenger can drink in the car, and they take up less space. You can pick these up for just $5.40 per 24 bottles.

A lot of drivers carry candies, and there’s lots of options there, such as 5lbs of gummy bears for $125lbs of frooties for $18 (although then you run the risk of people leaving wrappers in your vehicle),  or 4lbs of assorted candies and things for $20. You can also get mixed bags of name brand candy for $9.50 but at 10c a candy that’s not the cheapest option, though if you’re running XL or Select, or just have a nice vehicle, that might get the most tips for you.

If you do the late night bar runs, sick bags might be a good option, or if you want to be cheap about it (and for 65c a mile it might be a wise choice) you can just get small trashbags which might not be as sturdy but will get the job done.

To make all this available to passengers without cluttering up your vehicle, add an organizer to the back of one of your front seats.

On top of that, keeping your car clean is super important – lint rollers ($7 for a four pack) are essential for keeping hair and what have you off the seats, Fabreze for spritzing throughout the day to mask the smell of smokers or the great unwashed. You can also get super cheap vent sticks on Amazon that will keep your car smelling fresh. Wouldn’t hurt to have a small cheap first aid kit in the glovebox just in case.

Finally, if you don’t want to rely on an app to take your mileage, it’s not a bad idea to keep a notepad for recording your mileage.

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