Should I drive around looking for pax or wait in one spot?

A lot of new drivers make the rookie mistake of constantly driving around trying to find passengers. While sometimes it can be necessary if you end up somewhere out of the way, the reality is that every mile you drive costs you money – if your vehicle costs 20c a mile to run (use this calculator if you’re not sure) and you drive 10 miles to try to find a passenger, you’re out $2 before you even get that next ping.

So what’s the best plan of attack? Most drivers have a starting spot. It might be their secret spot that they get consistent business from that isn’t over-saturated with drivers, it might just be a local spot like I-Drive or downtown where they’re likely to get a ping pretty soon (given the right time of day), or it might be their house.

Get a ping, pick up the passenger, drop them off, wait for the next ping. As long as you’re not driving at a dead time of day (eg 11am to 3pm M-F) you’ll probably only wait a few minutes to get your next ping, and you’ll be on your way to making more money.

Exceptions? Well, if you drop off someone in the middle of nowhere, maybe think about heading somewhere with more population. If you drop someone off at MCO, you must leave to get another ping (unless you’re UberBLACK). If it’s close to 2am and you’re not too far from downtown, go catch that 2:15am surge (remember to leave your app off until 2:15am). If you drop someone off at their house, maybe drive down the street a little so you don’t freak them out.

Either way, remember – when you’re driving your car, you’re spending money, so starting your Uber day by aimlessly driving around WP -> Downtown -> UCF -> I-Drive is just burning up your profits.

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