Can I pick up at MCO (Orlando International Airport)?

EDIT: As of October 10th Uber did away with the UberBLACK service, this article has been updated to reflect this.

If you are a qualified UberSELECT driver (meaning you have commercial insurance, a VFH permit, a VFH driver permit and an airport permit), yes. Otherwise no. Simple as that.

There are a lot of places you face citations for picking up (downtown for example), but for whatever reason Uber has worked with the city on the airport to ensure you can not pick up there – the system has been set up so the app will not give you a ping from the airport zone unless you are a qualified UberSELECT (meaning you have permits, commercial insurance, drive a certain type of car etc).

That said, passengers will still try to get around this by pinging you to a restaraunt nearby the airport and calling to ask you to pick up.

Should you go pick these pax up? Hell no, and here’s why: Uber monitors cars that go near the airport. Multiple drivers that used to be in the group have been deactivated by Uber as they started a ride, then drove into the airport zone, obviously picking up from there.

There’s also another reason – check out this post from a member a little while back:

This morning after dropping off at MCO, I get ping and respond. The location is just outside of MCO near the hotels. As I make the U turn on Semoron the client calls. “Hello Justin, I just arrived at the airport and need you to pick me up at terminal A.” I informed her I would not pick up at the terminal. She then says “I’ll take a cab to Dennys, can you pick me up there?” I look at the phone again and the pin is set at Dennys. I told her I could not and cancelled that ride request.

I drove to the Dennys and sure enough there were two Orlando City GOVs in the lot with the passengers working their cell phones. Me being me, I honked my horn and waved. They knew they were busted and pulled out behind me and followed me downtown until I got to my office. It’s a cat an mouse game out there at MCO, be careful!!

If that driver had tried to pick up that passenger, they would have faced YUGE fines from the city, and Uber wouldn’t have paid a penny. Chances are the city would have also notified their insurance who would have dropped them immediately.

In short: Unless you’re a qualified UberSELECT driver, picking up at MCO is a non-starter.

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