How does the cancellation policy work? How long should I wait if the pax doesn’t show up?

There are two situations in which you get paid a cancellation fee:

  • Passenger cancels the ride more than five minutes after requesting and you’re still on time. For example, if you get a ping from six minutes away and they cancel three minutes later when you’re still on the way and running on time, you get the cancellation fee.
  • Driver cancels ride more than five minutes after arriving at destination and selects a reason other than “do not charge rider”. For example, you arrive and after five minutes the rider still hasn’t come to the car, you cancel “Rider no-show” and collect the cancellation fee.

The customer is charged a cancellation fee of $5, and you recieve that amount less Uber’s cut. That means if you signed up before Nov 23rd 2015 you get $4, if you signed up after Nov 23rd 2015 you get $3.75.

So how long should you wait? Five minutes. Get in the habit of starting the stopwatch on your phone when you arrive to pick up a passenger, and cancel when it hits five minutes. If you don’t, you’re teaching the passengers they can be as late as they want to, and that’s not fair on other drivers. If they show up after six minutes, let them know the cancellation policy and let them request again.

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