Is there a way to know the destination before picking up the passenger?

Sometimes you might want to know if the next ride is going to be down the street or to Miami, and while Lyft does show you the passenger’s destination when you’re on the way to pick them up, Uber keeps this info away from the driver. Why? To stop drivers from cherry picking the rides, which of course would be super frustrating for riders who just want someone to come pick them up ASAP.

At least one driver in the group has been deactivated for calling/texting their Uber passengers to find out where they’re going and cancelling when they don’t want to take the fare. To be perfectly clear – IF YOU DO THIS YOU WILL GET DEACTIVATED AND BARRED FROM UBER FOR LIFE.

There is one trick that works about 25% of the time – check the waybill for the ride. Why does it only work 25% of the time? Nobody’s sure, the theory is that the destination is only shown when the passenger enters their dropoff location before they actually order the car, and most passengers don’t enter it.

Either way, the vast majority of the time the only way you find out the destination is by going to pick up the passenger. If you get there and you don’t like the destination (eg a 2am trip to Jacksonville), just let the rider know you’re not prepared for a long drive, and suggest they request another Uber, but this time call the driver to let them know it’s a long ride they’re looking for.

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