How do I work out how much I’m actually making from Uber?

A lot of people think of Uber as pure profit. Most think of Uber less the cost of gas as profit.

The fact is however the cost of running a car isn’t just gas, and every mile you put on your car driving for Uber is wearing down tires and bringing you closer to your next service, and your next car.

Luckily the website Art Of Being Cheap has a reasonably simple calculator that will allow you to work out how much every mile is costing you. For example, a $10k 2013 Corolla will cost about 10c a mile to keep on the road, so when you’re doing 65c a mile for Uber, after their cut and costs you’re making 42c a mile profit.

Pair that with MileIQ (which tracks your miles), you can quickly and easily figure out how much you’re actually making with Uber.

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