Can I carry kids? What’s UberFamily?

Being that we’re working in the family vacation capital of the US, it’s not at all unusual for people to bring their kids with them while riding with Uber. However, in Florida, the law states that “it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure that any child under 5 years old is seated in a federally-approved child car seat“, and without one there’s a fine plus 3 points to go on someone’s licence.

Thankfully, in March of this year, Uber launched UberFAMILY in Orlando. With UberFAMILY, the passenger can request an UberX or UberXL car that carries a federally approved car seat.

In order for you as a driver to receive these requests, you need to purchase a federally approved child car seat and  have it in your vehicle at all times. On the upside, you get a flat $8 added to every fare where the passenger requests UberFAMILY.

The car seat must never have been involved in an accident and its expiration date must be after 1/1/18. The following is the list of accepted car seats:

Where can I get pings for UberFAMILY? 


Once you’ve obtained a qualified car seat, you can fill out this form to sign up.

Uber will review your application to ensure your car seat meets the following criteria:

  1. Car Seat submitted is within the qualified list above
  2. Car Seat does not expire before 1/1/2018
  3. Car Seat was never involved in an accident
  4. Car Seat is well maintained / like new. Worn out/ stained / dirty car seats will be rejected.

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