How do I locate my passenger at a crowded location?

If you work downtown or at the parks, it’s pretty common to show up to pick up a passenger only to find 15 other people are waiting on their Uber to arrive. Yes Uber/Lyft gives your passenger the make, model, color and licence plate tag of your vehicle as well as a picture of your face, but they don’t give you anything to go on beyond a first name for the passenger.

So how do you locate your passenger? Call them.

If you get somewhere and you’re unclear who your passenger is, use the Uber/Lyft app to call them and let them know where you are and remind them what your car looks like. Another popular option is to text the passenger before you arrive saying something like “Hi, it’s #### your Uber driver. I’ll be there in three minutes at the ### entrance driving a silver Corolla” so they are reminded what to look out for.

If all else fails, you could add an eye catching magnetic sign to your car, or go one step further and get an LED sign to put in your window. It’s a lot easier to say to the passenger “I’m the car with the gigantic blue Uber sign”!

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