Where should I go to make the most money?

We get this question a lot in the group, and the fact is nobody is going to tell you.


In Orlando there are tens of thousands of drivers, and Uber is on a long campaign of getting as many more drivers as possible to join. The obvious places to pick up riders (downtown, IDrive, Disney) are swamped with drivers all day long, and as a result they’re all sitting around waiting to get the same small pool of passengers, and making not very good money.

When you’ve been driving for a while, you’ll start to get a feel for the market. You’ll find the spots that nobody knows about. You’ll figure out the times people are going to want to travel. You’ll be there when the surge happens (if it happens) because you know it surged this time last week, and you know why.

For example: Friday and Saturday nights at around 2:15am, downtown is crazy busy. Why? Because people are leaving clubs and want to get home.

Another example: Monday mornings around 6am are busy from downtown, Winter Park, Baldwin Park and other areas. Why? People travelling for business need to go to the airport.

So what should you do right now, as a driver starting out? Just drive. Turn on the app, take the first passenger you get, and when you drop them off, sit until you get the next request. Give it a few weeks and you’ll have your spots and you’ll have your system, and when someone asks you for your spots, you’ll tell them to go out and find them themselves.

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