Can I pick up at Sanford Airport/Universal?

As anyone who’s been driving for Uber for a while will tell you, there are a number of situations where driving is a bit of a grey area. There are things that Uber will tell you are ok that others will tell you is not ok.

Universal have started cracking down on Uber drivers. Several drivers have had security stop them from picking up passengers there, several drivers have had security open the door of their car after the passengers had already got in and ordered the passengers to use a taxi instead. Mears pay good money for the right to park there and security at Universal look after them. Best advice would be not to broadcast to security that you are picking up, and do not park in the circle waiting to get a ping – that’ll just piss them off and they’ll ban everyone.
Something else to be aware of with Universal is cellphone signal is very weak at the circle for some carriers, and you may find yourself picking up your passenger but unable to use your GPS to locate their destination.

Sanford Airport have been threatening drivers with arrest for tresspass, and as several drivers have confirmed with them directly, they do not want us picking up there without a permit (dropping off is ok). If you absolutely must pick up, you can wait for a ping in the cellphone lot, NOT AT THE TERMINAL, and when you pick up your passenger do it quickly and without drawing attention – for example call the passenger and speak to them as you pull up, and ask them to sit in the passenger seat so as to not draw attention. That being said, be aware that one driver in the group has been banned FOR LIFE from the airport. He can’t fly in or out of that airport for life. Is that worth 65c?

An Uber driver was recently run out of Sanford Airport and given this list of requirements to get a permit to pick up.


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